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Informacje o firmie

General information about Hyroship

Hydroship company is experienced partner in shipbuilding industry and industrial machinery, specializing in designing, production, services and maintenance of:

We are the leading company in Northern Poland specializing in designing of hydraulic power devices and machines, manufacturing of feed mechanisms, hydraulic installations and devices with hydraulic drive. We offer mounting of devices, production lines and transport technology systems. We are also specialized in designing of single elements and subassemblies based on power hydraulic and pneumatic. Designing and manufacturing of prototype devices and scientific-research devices to upgrade quality , efficiency and production economy for our customers, is one of the biggest challenge for us. Hydroship is a private company which was established in 1990. We provide efficient services of our Customers through well organized work, knowledge and experience.

We offers:

Our knowledge and experience allow us to be a team of professionals who can carry all works connected with Hydraulic Power Systems and units, including designing, production, overseas service, maintenance and repairs. We employ high qualified and experienced workers, which always guarantee best quality of service 24 hours / 7 days a week towards our Customers satisfaction.